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How to Fully Optimize Your PC: A Gamer’s Guide

No gamer will should allow his rig to run slow. It could drastically affect the game display and ruin your game experience. Hence, it would be wise to optimize your PC for gaming and avoid such circumstances.

The best thing to do is to start optimizing your PC upon set-up. Here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Choose the right hardware. If you are building your own PC, don’t just randomly pick the necessary parts. Look at what your game’s requirements are and purchase accordingly. Most games have similar minimum requirements, so you can run several games on your top-notch hardware.


  1. Expand your RAM. This will help your game load easily and smoothly, even if you store a lot of data on your rig. Adding more RAM to the usual PC set-up is definitely a good investment for gamers.


  1. Keep your startup clean. It is normal for computers to have a lot of applications that automatically start when you boot your PC. Running all these applications can slow down the performance of your rig. If you don’t need them, turn disable them through your computer settings.


  1. Disable window animations. By default, some computers have animations that you can see when minimizing and maximizing windows. This is another factor that can slow down the performance of your rig. Disable them through your computer settings.


  1. Keep tabs on trends. The latest games will run best on the latest hardware. So, keep an eye out for news on hardware releases and software updates. If you can afford it, upgrade!


You can do more for your rig by reading more about how to fully optimize your computer when you first buy it. Gather as many tips as you can and follow those that you think will work! Soon enough, you’ll thank yourself for an amazing gaming experience.