Hot tubs are a great way to loosen up and relax from a stressful day of work. There are a lot of stressors which means we should have a lot of reasons to relax and de-stress. If you have made up your mind on needing a hot tub, here are some types that you might want to check before getting one.

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There are only but two types of hot tubs. Portable ones and permanent ones. Portable hot tubs have more to choose from compared to permanent ones.


Portable hot tubs are an incredible choice for some individuals. These units are independent. They accompany every one of the functions of permanent tubs, however, can be moved from one location onto the next. Portable hot tubs come in numerous sizes, shapes, and stylish cases. Many can ideally connect to your house’s outlets. Today, there are numerous alternatives out there for you to browse with regards to portable hot tubs. Before getting one, you will need to know precisely what you need. There are a lot you can choose from with regards to seats, size, and other things. Teach yourself on the alternatives and you will love your buy.

Compared to permanent tubs, portable ones are easier on the pocket and can fit into smaller spaces. But like permanent tubs, you can get pretty much the same features. You can also situate it wherever you like. Portable tubs offer the solace of a permanent hot tub, with the accommodation of its conveyability. Portable spas come in numerous seating preferences, sizes, design, and even colors

1. Soft tubs

These are a brilliant pick for some purchasers also. Perhaps a permanent tub isn’t a possibility for you because of area, circumstance or price. Soft tubs are straightforward, simple to move and give a considerable lot of the highlights of portable and permanent tubs. They are a more affordable selection. And you can use them inside the house or outside. A soft tub can be utilized inside – simply make certain to have great ventilation. Also, it is effectively transported through entryways and tight spaces.

2. Inflatable hot tub

An inflatable tub’s weight is a lot lighter than a conventional compact tub which makes them all easier to move around. It is easy to install. You simply have to unload it and then inflate with the engine that comes along with it. Use the hose to fill it up and then operate the heater. Like soft tubs, you can put an inflatable tub just about anywhere that is level. Plus, you can take it with you if you travel or move to places.


Compared to portable ones, permanent tubs are more durable and effective. Many homeowners connect it with their pool. If you want one, all you need to do is talk to your contractors and then pick a location that suits you best. Permanent hot tubs will be expensive. But you deserve one if you want one.

For all your hot tub concerns, you can contact your local contractors like Hot Tub Colorado Springs for more information.