Best Microphone For Gaming in 2017

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For lovers of computer games out there, they need gadgets to totally enjoy their hobby. When it comes to microphones, they should have at least one that is better than the usual plastic that goes with headsets. There is no need for the best gaming microphone or a studio type one, just something with a good audio quality, and it should be easy to use, has reasonable price and good setup options. Other considerations are adaptability and form factor. Check out this related gaming microphone buying guide, a list of the best microphones for gaming in 2017:

  1. AntLion ModMic ($54.99)

The AntLion ModMic offers convenience of use with a surprisingly affordable price and good audio quality, which can qualify as the best gaming microphone for some gamers. It is attached to a headset, best for those who do not have space on their desk for a standing gaming mic. It still has a significantly better audio quality even as a built-in headset unit and it is very easy to set up. Most headset mics do not have good audio quality since the headphone sound is more prioritized, but not with this ModMic. It may not be as good as a standing gaming mic but it is better than other headphone microphones.

  1. Audio Technica ATR2500-USB ($74)

Available at a really good price is the Audio Technica ATR2500-USB microphone, which for some is the best microphone for gaming. It is just meant to be close to the mouth, which is fine with most users. This side-address mic with USB output for easy connection to the computer is likewise ideal for home studio recording, field recording, voice-over use and podcasting. Its headphone jack allows direct monitoring of the gaming mic sans the audible delay. For such, it can be the best gaming microphone for several computer gamers out there.

  1. Blue Yeti ($99.99)

Blue Yeti’s amazing audio quality passes tests and retests, making it still the best microphone for gaming that is also great for live streaming. It becomes a favorite for high-end production as well. It is easy to set up, has a reasonable price and very adaptable, a good trait for live streaming. It works well in most conditions, as the user can generally find any suitable place for the Yeti without any hassle.

  1. Razer Seiren Pro ($238.31)

The Razer Seiren Pro can be the best gaming microphone, a very nice gaming mic which looks as beautiful as it works, just like any Razer products. It is a great hardware to have in any gaming setup, a good pick as the best microphone for gaming.

  1. Zalman ZM-Mic1 ($5.99)

The best budget microphone that is incredibly cheap is the Zalman ZM-Mic1. Its amazing price can bring it to the list as the best gaming microphone for practical gamers. Those on a budget usually go for headset mics. The Zalman ZM-Mic1 does not have the top-of-the-line quality, but it is better than any other gaming mic used with gaming headsets, and its price makes it more impressive. It is a good entry to this list as a potential best microphone for gaming.